What is the cutting accuracy of the 3D fiber laser cutting machine?

Xintian Laser -3D Laser Cutting Machine

The 3D fiber laser cutting machine is a high-precision, highly flexible, and efficient laser cutting machine with high automation. It can process metal sheets, pipes, and various curved and irregular materials. It adopts the structure of a gantry fixed inverted industrial robot or a vertical fixed industrial robot base, equipped with a fiber laser, and flexibly transmits high-quality laser to the fiber cutting head for focusing, Realize three-dimensional flexible cutting of metal plates with different thicknesses from multiple angles and directions. Especially suitable for irregular machining of three-dimensional parts of locomotives, it is widely used in locomotive manufacturing industries such as locomotive components, car bodies, door frames, trunk, roof covers, door seats, etc.

The main features of the 3D fiber laser cutting machine are:

3D cutting

It can achieve dynamic 2D and 3D cutting, and the machine structure is designed according to ergonomics. Even the most complex surface processing can be easily completed

Stable laser output

Equip different cooling systems with different cooling capacities for lasers of different powers to ensure their normal operation

High machining accuracy

The auxiliary gas used in the 3D fiber laser cutting machine is 99.99% oxygen, which greatly helps with cutting accuracy and cross-sectional effect. Taking the Dazu Superenergy MPS-1520R series 3D fiber laser cutting machine as an example, the MPS-1520R is a 6-axis 3D laser cutting machine with a theoretical repeated positioning accuracy of 0.06mm.

In practical production applications, the biggest characteristics (or advantages) of 3D laser cutting machines are high flexibility and low labor intensity. For various complex and special processing needs, special material workpieces, and temporary processing requirements changes, such as changes in curved surfaces, trimming, and holes, 3D laser cutting machines can flexibly respond. Its high flexibility is mainly manifested in two aspects:

1) Strong adaptability to materials, 3D laser cutting machines can basically achieve arbitrary shape processing through CNC programs;

2) The processing path is controlled by the program, and if the processing object changes, only the program needs to be modified. This is particularly evident when trimming and punching parts, as trimming and punching molds are powerless for processing other different parts, and the cost of molds is high. Therefore, there is currently a trend for 3D laser cutting to replace trimming and punching molds.

Generally speaking, the design and use of fixtures for 3D mechanical processing are relatively complex, but laser processing makes fixture production simpler due to the absence of mechanical stress on the workpiece. In addition, laser equipment can achieve multiple functions if equipped with different hardware and software. Therefore, in actual production, 3D laser cutting machines have obvious advantages in improving product quality, production efficiency, shortening product development cycles, reducing labor intensity, and saving raw materials.

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