What is a medium power laser cutting machine?

XT Laser Medium Power Laser Cutting Machine

What is a medium power laser cutting machine? Medium power laser cutting machines are generally classified by laser cutting machine manufacturers based on the laser power of laser cutting machines, also known as small and medium-sized metal laser cutting machines. We all know that the laser power of laser cutting machines varies in price and processing efficiency. According to the power range of laser cutting machines, there are power ranges of 500W-3000W for medium and low power laser cutting machines, XT Laser is a professional brand that specializes in producing medium and low power laser equipment. In addition to medium and low power laser cutting machines, there is also a category of high-power laser cutting machines, with laser power exceeding 3000W.

What can a medium power metal laser cutting machine be used for?

The medium power metal laser cutting machine is the largest demand in China and can be used to cut various medium and thin metal plates, especially carbon steel. The cutting beam absorption effect is good, and the cutting effect is also good. Taking the Dazu Super Energy 3000W metal laser cutting machine MPS-3015C as an example, the cutting thickness of carbon steel can reach 20MM, which can be used in automobiles, locomotives, ships, hardware, machinery, electrical appliances, packaging, kitchenware, lighting, logo fonts, advertisements, fitness equipment Various metal flat cutting materials in handicraft and other industries are professionally applied to cutting various metal materials such as 0.5-20mm carbon steel plate, 0.5-10mm stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, electrolytic plate, 0.5-3.0mm aluminum alloy, 0.5-2mm brass and red copper (cutting thickness and materials are related to lasers).

What are the advantages of metal laser cutting machines?

Metal laser cutting machines use high-density laser beams as cutting tools to cut and process materials at high temperatures. The processing characteristics of the laser cutting machine are fast speed, narrow cutting, smooth cutting surface, and small heat affected area. These characteristics are important factors for the laser cutting machine to win the traditional cutting machine. Laser cutting machines not only improve the output power and product quality during processing, but also save processing costs to a certain extent, overcoming the unnecessary waste of data resources in the original cutting and processing method.

In the metal cutting industry, traditional processing methods have low durability, high consumption, high cost, and rough quality, which cannot meet consumers’ aesthetic and consumption views; As a new processing method, laser meets the needs of consumers. The main advantages of metal laser cutting machines are good seam quality, small deformation, fast cutting speed, high efficiency, low cost, safe operation, and stable performance.

Compared with traditional cutting processing, laser cutting machine processing has the following five major advantages:

1、 The cutting speed is fast, which can accelerate processing efficiency and improve efficiency by more than ten times compared to traditional processes.

2、 The processing technology is precise, with very narrow cutting edges and small cutting seams. The cutting accuracy is excellent, and it can perform difficult machining and cutting on micro components.

3、 The cross-section of laser cutting is smooth and round, and the workpiece can be used without secondary processing, which can save process and labor costs.

4、 In the process of cutting, the heat affected area is very small, and the probability of workpiece deformation is very small. The cutting quality of workpiece is excellent.

5、 Laser cutting machines use non-contact processing between the nozzle and the workpiece during cutting, which will greatly reduce the wear of the workpiece and reduce unnecessary costs.

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