Why do we choose the professional tube cutter machine?-Vincy

Why do we choose the professional tube laser cutting machine?-Vincy

Maybe many customers  will ask what is the tube laser cutting machine.

Because they  don’t understand The Laser Industry.And this problem is puzzled for customers in earlier.So in this article,i will tell you why people will choose the professional laser cutting machine.And how to choose the suitable model.


half cover tube laser cutter

1,the fuction of professional tube laser cutter

With the development of the times,many things is develpoping quickly.Laser industry is also developing.And with the change of people’s demand, the original plate has not been to meet some cutting requirements. People began to choose to cut pipes.

Usually some manufacturing industries, such as medical equipment manufacturers and so on.

So what is the really fuction of our professional tube cutting machine?

Our professional pipe cutting machine can cut almost all metal pipes, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper and so on.And now we can not only cut round tubes, but also cut square tubes and other special-shaped tubes.

For example,if our customer is a door and window manufacture.His needs will certainly not be simple plate cutting.So our professional pipe cutting machine is very useful at this time.

And next, I will show you some cutting pictures from customers.

How do you think these samples?Isn’t it amazing that our machine can cut to this point?

2,Classification and selection of machines

Our professional cutter has different lengh and types,like half-cover,opening,and fully enclosed.

Fully enclosed tube cutter is safety,people just need to stand outside the machine and operate it with a computer.

Half-cover cutter is also safety,but it has another advantage.People can not only use computers, but also see the whole process of machine cutting from the outside.

Opening cutter is not that it’s unsafe. It’s that people need to avoid touching the machine. And the machine itself is not dangerous.

So customers can choose the model by your own needs.


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