What are the uses of laser cutting machines for automotive parts

Laser cutting machine for automotive parts

Laser cutting machines can be applied to the processing of automotive parts industry, such as automotive airbags, automotive interiors, automotive sunshade films, automotive parts, etc. Laser cutting processing replaces traditional mechanical knives with invisible beams of light. It has the characteristics of high accuracy, fast cutting, not limited to cutting pattern limitations, automatic layout saving materials, smooth cuts, and low processing costs. It will gradually improve or replace traditional metal cutting process equipment.

A car is a high-precision whole, and its electrical and mechanical components must be attached to the corresponding positions of the vehicle body with high precision and low error. In the production and maintenance of automobiles, the shapes of many metal structural components are very complex. In order to ensure the safety of drivers, the selection and manufacturing of car parts must be precise and accurate. At present, the traditional processing methods of automotive parts can no longer keep up with the pace of development of the times. In order to better complete this processing, the emergence and application of laser cutting machines are particularly important.

As an advanced manufacturing method, laser processing is used for 50% to 70% of automotive parts in developed industrial countries in Europe and America. With the development of industry and technological progress in China, there are also laser cutting equipment independently developed and produced in China, which can be used in the field of automotive parts manufacturing.

For your own car, daily maintenance is really important because if you are not careful, it may cause significant damage to your body or car, and the result of this damage may be to spend more money on maintenance. That’s even more important for the safety and comfort of cars!

1. Car airbags:

The safety airbag cut by the laser cutting machine is an important device for car safety assurance. When used in conjunction with the seat belt, it can provide effective collision protection for passengers. In a car collision, the safety airbag reduces the head injury rate by 25% and the facial injury rate by about 80%.

The laser cutting machine can efficiently and accurately cut safety airbags, ensuring seamless and complete connection of airbags, maximizing product quality, making car owners feel at ease and ensuring safety.

2. The interior of a car

The laser cutting machine can cut and add car interior products such as seat cushions, seat covers, carpets, large surround footpads, brake sleeves, and gear shift sleeves, making your car more comfortable and easy to disassemble, wash, and clean.

In the field of laser cutting applications in the automotive industry, laser cutting machines can flexibly process various automotive interior products. The laser cutting machine can flexibly and quickly draw and cut according to the interior dimensions of different car models, thereby greatly improving product processing efficiency.

Under the scorching sun, the temperature inside and outside the car will increase, and even there will be a hot touch when touched. Children are prone to burns, which can also cause damage to the car. Therefore, it is necessary to take timely sunshade measures for your car, such as configuring car sunshades, sunshades, and sunshade films.

The sunshade film cut by the laser cutting machine not only has the function of insulation and isolation of ultraviolet rays, but also effectively reflects a portion of heat, reducing heat entry into the car and thereby reducing air conditioning load.

Using a laser cutting machine to process automotive sunshade products can fully simplify operations, control cutting quality, and achieve the optimal accuracy and speed of product processing. By appropriately controlling the power of the laser cutting machine, precise cutting of fabrics such as canvas, leather, fabric, curtains, etc. can be achieved, thereby improving the flexibility of product processing and shortening delivery times.

Laser cutting machines have quickly occupied the market with their unparalleled advantages in precision, speed, efficiency, high-performance, low price, and low energy consumption compared to traditional cutting, and have become indispensable processing equipment in the automotive industry.

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