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What are the dust removal methods for laser cutting machines?

What are the dust removal methods for laser cutting machines?
What are the dust removal methods for laser cutting machines?

With the development of the times, the traditional metal plate shearing machine has been gradually replaced by the advanced laser cutting machine in the use process, and the laser cutting machine is more efficient. What are the dust removal methods for laser cutting machines?
The laser cutting machine has more autonomy and safety, and the processing accuracy is much higher than that of the traditional processing method, but it is not without shortcomings. Laser cutting, because the metal sheet is blown away by high-pressure air during the thermal dissolution process, can also produce a large amount of Dust, particles with a pollution diameter in the range of 2-10 um can easily reach the throat of the human body after inhalation. Dust with a smaller diameter can even directly enter the lungs. Long-term inhalation of this dust is likely to cause a problem during production and labor. An occupational disease of pneumoconiosis. With the improvement of public occupational health and environmental protection awareness, laser cutting dust control has become a technical problem that needs to be solved urgently.
Dust removal method of laser cutting machine:
At present, there are two dust removal methods for laser cutting machines. The first is the exhaust system, as the name suggests, it exhausts dust particles into the atmosphere through an exhaust fan. Although this method is simple, it does not fundamentally solve the dust problem, and pollution to the air environment is inevitable. The second method is to use filtering technology. Filter dust removal equipment appeared as early as the 1970s, with the advantages of small size and high efficiency. However, due to its small equipment capacity and low filtering wind speed, it cannot handle large air volumes, and its application range is relatively narrow. Due to the emergence of new filter materials and the perfect design of dust removal equipment, the application of filter element dust removal equipment in dust removal projects has gradually increased. The characteristics of filter element dust removal equipment are as follows:
1. It is used for the folding of filter materials, with high-density layout, compact structure, small size of dust removal equipment, and high rigidity of filter materials;
2. The filter element is small in height and easy to install.
3. Compared with the dust removal equipment of the same volume, the filtering area is relatively large, the filtering wind speed is small, and the resistance is small;
4. The folding of the filter material requires strict sealing at both ends and no air leakage, otherwise the effect will be reduced.
Consider the smoke and dust characteristics of laser cutting: the dust particle size of laser cutting laser cutting machine is small, the smoke may be oily, sparks, the risk of filter fire is higher, the quality of the filter filter material itself must be the best to use for a long time, covering The use of membrane flame-retardant filter material is a must. At the same time, combining reasonable filtering wind speed, partial flow distribution in the dust collector, high-efficiency pulse cleaning system, and reasonable selection of fans, etc., can ensure the long-term and safe operation of the cutting fume dust collector.

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