What are the characteristics of laser cutting machine?

XT Laser-laser cutting machine

When purchasing laser cutting machines, many customers will find that there are many special terms in the introduction of the equipment. What kind of machine tool adopts gantry structure, adopts helical gear rack, adopts bilateral transmission, etc So, do you know the product characteristics of laser cutting machine? In fact, the configurations mentioned in these “technical terms” are basic configurations, but we need to clarify these problems when purchasing laser cutting machines.

1. What are the characteristics of laser cutting machine?

In recent years, the application of laser cutting machine in industrial products has developed rapidly, and its near-infrared wavelength (1080nm) is also more conducive to the absorption of metal materials, especially in the field of high-power welding and cutting, showing high processing capacity and economy. Compared with gas CO2 laser, fiber laser cutting equipment has the following characteristics: low maintenance, low energy consumption and low operating cost. Optical fiber transmission, no reflective lens, no need to adjust the external optical path. Low power consumption, no working gas consumption, energy saving, ecological environment protection. At the same time, the near-infrared wavelength laser is more likely to cause harm to the human body, especially to the eyes, which requires the equipment to have better sealing and other protective functions.

2. Why does the laser cutting machine adopt gantry structure.

CNC laser cutting equipment usually adopts gantry type, cantilever type, middle inverted beam and other structural types. However, with the development of application and control technology required by the development of laser processing to high speed, high speed and high stability, gantry structure has become the mainstream model in the world with its unique structural advantages, and is also the most popular laser cutting machine of many well-known brands. The structure type adopted by the manufacturer.

3. What are the characteristics of laser cutting machine technology?

Compared with the traditional CO2 laser cutting machine, the application of optical fiber laser cutting equipment in sheet metal cutting has changed in external optical path, cutting head, auxiliary gas, etc. The laser is directly transmitted to the cutting head through optical fiber, and the optical path is stable and reliable, which ensures the consistency of the full-format cutting of the machine tool. Moreover, the machine tool does not need external optical path protection gas, nor is it equipped with air compressor and other processing systems. After the laser reaches the cutting head, it is collimated and focused. Generally, a focus lens with a focal length of 125 mm or 200 mm can be configured. A protective lens must be installed between the focusing lens and the nozzle to prevent contamination of the focusing lens. The fiber laser has good focusing performance, short focal depth, narrow cutting slit width (up to 0.1mm) and high speed, which is suitable for fast cutting of medium and thin plates.

4. Why does the laser cutting machine use helical gear rack for transmission.

Several common linear shaft transmission modes of CNC machine tools include ball screw, gear rack, linear motor, etc. Ball screw is usually used in CNC machine tools with medium and low speed and small stroke. Gear and rack transmission is widely used, which can achieve high speed and large stroke. Linear motors are mostly used in CNC machine tools with high speed, high acceleration and special structure. In addition, the rack and pinion are divided into two types: straight teeth and helical teeth. Compared with straight teeth, the meshing area of helical teeth is larger, and the transmission between gear and rack will be more stable.

5. What are the characteristics of the bilateral drive of the laser cutting machine? The laser cutting machine with gantry structure has two modes of motion. One is that the gantry moves but the workbench is fixed during processing, and the other is that the gantry is fixed and the workbench is moving. For large-format, high-speed and high-performance laser cutting machines, the first form is usually adopted, because the worktable moves with the workpiece, which is not suitable for high-speed and thick plate cutting. This double-sided drive ensures the force balance and synchronous operation of the beam. However, some manufacturers’ laser cutting machines use the single-side drive of the gantry. The servo motor is installed at one end of the gantry beam, and then the driving force is transmitted to the other end through the long shaft to realize the double gear rack drive and the single servo motor drive. Unilateral drive makes the force on both ends of the beam asymmetric, which affects the synchronization accuracy and reduces the dynamic performance of the machine tool.

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