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Fiber Laser Cutting Water Chiller Classification Vicky

Fiber Laser Cutting Water Chiller Classification

Water Chille is a refrigeration equipment specially design for various lasers. But, the laser constant temperature chille. the laser head cooling chiller. Is the laser head cooling water cooler used to support various carbon dioxide lasers, lamp pump lasers, semiconductor lasers, etc. Laser equipment. And It adopts multiple purification and protection measures according to the characteristics of high temperature sensitivity. Also high water quality requirements and high safety protection requirements of lasers. It is also has Laser welding machine chiller; laser welding machine chiller;laser welding special water cooler; The chiller, the laser spot welding chiller has stable performance, can withstand continuous operation for a long time, and has comprehensive safety protection mechanism.

In addition, it also has ivided into water-cooled laser chiller; split laser chiller; the laser marking machine chiller; the laser engraving machine chiller; laser cutting machine chiller etc.

Laser water cooler is like a lubricant for laser equipment. And It is an indispensable partner for laser marking machines, laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, etc. So, Laser water coolers not only take away the heat generated by the laser when it works efficiently. Also, Cooling the laser can also improve the working precision and working output of the laser.

Fiber Laser Cutting Water Chiller Classification

1. Also The components of the refrigeration system are all international brand components, and the coilless pure stainless steel material water tank has a long-lasting and stable cooling effect, and the temperature control accuracy is ±1 °C;
2, So, with ultra-high, low temperature display and signal output protection. the configuration of normally open and normally closed output for selection;
3. In addition, The chilled water circulation system adopts stainless steel multi-stage pump and stainless steel, PVC material connection, no rusting worry, can use pure water or deionized water directly.