Volume cutting giant “ship” | New Sky Laser W series medium thick plate cutting tool Hurricane strikes!

Volume cutting giant “ship” | New Sky Laser W series medium thick plate cutting tool Hurricane strikes!

Hurricane Attack of the Magnificent “Ship”

Large format unbounded cutting

XT W Series Open Laser Cutting Machine

Cutting Tools for Medium and Thick Plate

(Open laser cutting machine XT-W2560)

Gathering of Seven Advantages

Fast, accurate, stable, easy, and cost-effective


Technology is reasonable, efficiency is paramount

Linkage speed 140m/min

Acceleration up to 1.5G

Laser head with autofocus function

Real time monitoring and automatic focusing of system software

Accurate adjustment, fast, accurate, and efficient doubling


Leading technology for precise cutting

A truss type composite plate welded bed formed by inserting the truss beam and the truss plate

Machine tool positioning accuracy ± 0.01mm

High strength welding process, high-temperature annealing for stress relief

Anti deformation, low vibration, ensuring cutting accuracy

Provide strong guarantee for batch stable cutting of medium and thick plates


It has higher strength and is as stable as “Mount Taishan”

Aerospace aluminum beam formed based on rigid flexible coupling analysis

Strength Load High Intensity Processing

Selecting globally renowned brand components

A cutting edge with long-lasting and stable casting performance

Ensure long-term stability and efficient cutting


Hard core support and intelligent action set sail

Intelligent system interaction interface

Strong compatibility and processing power

Effectively ensuring processing reliability and stability

One click mapping, intelligent layout, simple operation

Cutting operation is simpler and easier to use


Fearless and fearless, galloping freely

Diversified intelligent cutting processes

Flight cutting, compressed air cutting

Arc process, perforation without slag

Enrich system functions to assist in increasing production and efficiency

Easily meet your more production needs


More efficient ultra short tailings

Intelligent system, upgrading cutting process

Material loss is significantly reduced and Unit cost is increased

Common edge cutting, disc centering, and no traces on the leads

Intelligent layout, achieving greater utilization of materials


High quality craftsmanship and exquisite craftsmanship

New cutting process

Bright surface cutting without hanging slag, thick plate corners are smooth and free of burrs

More powerful cutting of medium and thick plates

Straight and groove cutting, one-time forming

Intelligent manufacturing transformation, using laser processing to “reduce burden”

XT Laser

Unlock more new ways of processing metal sheets

Provide guarantees for customer needs

Assist in the transformation and upgrading of the intelligent processing industry

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