UV laser vs Fiber laser marking machine-Ivy

UV laser vs Fiber laser marking machine

What is the advantage of the UV laser machines?

The main advantage of the UV laser technology is the multi-functionality and capacity of engraving over different materials. Including non-metal materials. UV laser commonly use less power from 3W to 12W, has very small heat-affected region on materials. No thermal effects, no burning issue to material. The beam quality is very high, with more clear and fine marking line. It can do high precision marking for tiny parts with extremely small size letter or image.

What is the disadvantage of the UV laser machines?

One of the disadvantages of the UV laser technology is the weak engraving over the metals. If you are looking for a machine that can engrave and carve metals, then the fiber laser engraving machine its going to be a better option.

Whats the advantage of the Fiber laser engraving?

In simple words, the main advantage of the fiber laser engraving machine is its capacity of engraving, mark and carve at high speed and the metal materials. The fiber laser also can mark different non-metal materials. But the result of the engraving on this materials it is not going to be as well done like with a UV laser machine. However, this is extra points for the fiber laser machines. The capacity to work perfectly over metals and to work over some non-metal materials.

Whats the disadvantage of the Fiber laser engraving machines?

The disadvantage of this machine it comes when we want to engrave non-metal materials. We can’t engrave or mark several materials that the UV it can engrave, like wood, glass, all the plastics, paper, or in general transparent objects. For example, this machine can engrave ABS and PLA both very common plastics in different products.

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