There are three aspects to consider when purchasing a metal laser cutting machine

XT Laser – Metal Laser Cutting Machine

At present, China’s manufacturing industry is vast in scale, and more and more enterprises have a considerable enthusiasm for developing high-precision and high-tech products. The processing of traditional parts is evolving from ordinary machine tools to metal laser cutting machines. Metal laser cutting machines have made significant contributions to improving the efficiency and accuracy of industrial products in China. Many enterprises that manufacture large-scale automation equipment also have the intention to produce metal laser cutting machines. Many manufacturers, There are still many aspects that need our attention when purchasing metal laser cutting machines for Linglang’s full range of products.

Before you have the intention to purchase a metal laser cutting machine, we suggest that you consider a few precautions and combine them to choose the equipment that suits you.

1. Manufacturer scale and technical strength.

In the entire machine tool industry, there are too many enterprises that can produce metal laser cutting machines, but there are also speculative enterprises that rent factories, outsource, and ultimately assemble and sell their own products to customers. These manufacturers usually produce products at a low price, but their quality assurance is not as good as professional manufacturers. According to our customers’ recollections, it took six months to buy them back, due to lack of previous experience and technical control, Subsequently, various hardware issues led to a decrease in accuracy, and various small problems followed one after another. Although it was cheap to buy, problems continue to occur, resulting in a decrease in production efficiency and delaying one’s own production progress. So we suggest that when choosing large-scale equipment such as metal laser cutting machines, it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer’s strength. Generally, the key points to pay attention to are whether the qualifications are complete, the manufacturer’s production workshop, whether there is a professional metal laser cutting machine design team, whether there is a professional assembly team, and whether the production process can be fully controlled. It is important to keep your eyes open, A mature and stable product is not necessarily manufactured out of thin air. If a company does not rely on scientific design, rigorous assembly technology, and strong production scale, then even if the price is cheap, it should not be easily purchased.

Secondly, consider your own needs.

This is mainly due to a clear understanding of oneself. This metal laser cutting machine is mainly purchased to solve the current problems, and how much efficiency can be improved. Based on the parameters provided by the manufacturer for the metal laser cutting machine, one can deduce their own production efficiency and cost, and then obtain their own processing costs. After the efficiency and cost can be guaranteed and the cost of the metal laser cutting machine is included, the suitable machine tool equipment can be calculated through data, This is a relatively scientific method, mainly because after weighing the manufacturers of metal laser cutting machine equipment, before purchasing a metal laser cutting machine, one should make their own budget and profit ratio. This way, they can only choose the right one, not the expensive one, and calculate the most cost-effective metal laser cutting machine themselves.

3、 After sales service is very important.

After choosing a metal laser cutting machine, the most important consideration and balance is the after-sales issue. Even with the best quality of metal laser cutting machines, various trivial issues can arise. Can we handle it quickly? We also need to start purchasing. Just think about it to avoid problems that no one can solve in the later stages, which will delay your own production. The measurement of how well a manufacturer provides after-sales service mainly depends on whether it has its own after-sales team and how large the team is. What is the technical level. Is there rich maintenance experience. You can directly ask the manufacturer and see how they react.

The price of metal laser cutting machines can range from hundreds of thousands to even millions of dollars, so you must pay attention to some details when choosing. Don’t be greedy for cheap and cause various problems and awkwardness in actual use. Welcome to write to us privately and discuss multiple technical issues. When purchasing equipment, only buy the right one, not the expensive one.

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