The laser cutting material and speed:Jill

The laser cutting material and speed

The laser cutting material and speed.

Firstly.The proper speed of the laser cutting machine can not only improve the quality of the slit.Also the slit is narrow and flat.And the deformation of the slit can also reduce.

Secondly.If the cutting speed is too fast, the cutting line energy will be lower than the require amount. If the slit is blown through the slit, the material cannot blow off quickly.Which will cause a large amount of back drag, affecting the slit. The completeness of the situation may even occur if need secondary processing.

Thirdly.If the speed of the laser cutting machine is too low, the cutting position will expose to the high temperature of the laser for a long time.Which not only causes the cutting seam to become large, but also may affect the appearance of the slit due to too much heat conduction. The phenomenon of hanging slag appears on the back of the metal.

Therefore, the cutting speed will affect the cutting quality, not only from the cutting speed.I hope everyone should be careful when operating the metal laser cutting machine.

Comparing with traditional cutting tools,how about the fiber laser cutting machine?

One is flexibility.

How can a laser cutting machine be flexible? Just how to cut it, it can cut the shape of the programmed program on the stainless steel, and the laser can cut in the direction. The shape can change flexibly by computer programming. The flexibility of laser cutting machines supports more and more individualize processes, reducing the number of molds.

The second is accuracy.

Comparing with traditional processing equipment such as flame cutting, plasma cutting, water cutting, laser cutting machine has much higher precision in cutting metal sheets. At the same time, different materials may undergo slight deformation during processing. The laser cutting machine can adjust flexibly according to these deformations.

So if you are in the field of metal products,you need it.

Whatever the furniture,industrial field,kitchen field,hardware tools.Fiber laser cutting machine can help you save cost.

When you ask about the machine,you need tell us.

1.What material want to cut?

2.What thickness?

3.Cutting area.

Then we can make sure the laser power and model.

More details want to know,pls contact us.


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