The Application of Laser Cutting Machine in the Medical Device Industry

Da Clan Ultra Energy Laser Cutting Machine

After this epidemic, many medical device manufacturers have been fully engaged in the production and processing of protective equipment, and medical devices have also become popular. However, in some areas, due to insufficient preparation and production equipment shortages, the shortage of protective materials has caused a shortage. After a period of adjustment, our protective materials have basically met the needs of the public. How can this be achieved? Why can such a large batch of equipment be produced in such a short period of time? On the one hand, it can be attributed to the overtime production of existing equipment manufacturers, and on the other hand, due to the large-scale supply of production equipment, it has to some extent solved the demand for expanding production. When it comes to equipment manufacturing, it is necessary to mention the application of laser cutting machines in the medical device industry. As is well known, medical devices have higher requirements for processing and processing equipment due to their characteristics such as accuracy, stability, safety, and purity. In the process of metal medical equipment processing, the traditional sheet metal mechanical cutting processing mode has significant defects in accuracy and safety controllability. It is an inevitable trend for the industry to replace it with fiber laser cutting.

In addition, the slit of the medical device generated by laser cutting is very narrow, and the laser beam is focused into a small spot, reaching a high power density. The material is quickly heated to the gasification level and evaporated into holes. With the relative linear motion of the beam and material, the hole continuously forms a very narrow slit with a notch width typically ranging from 0.10 to 0.20 millimeters. The smallest cutting seam ensures high cutting accuracy.

The production and processing process of laser cutting machines is a non-contact processing process. The laser cutting head will not come into contact with the surface of the processed material, nor will it scratch the workpiece. For medical devices, a smooth surface is the most basic requirement. If the surface polishing process of device products can be minimized during the processing, production efficiency will be greatly improved.

The processing and manufacturing technology of medical devices in China is severely constrained by the level of sheet metal processing. Until the application of high-precision laser cutting equipment, the manufacturing quality of medical devices in China has been greatly improved, the sales of medical devices have increased, and the development of the medical industry has also accelerated.

Medical devices require human life safety and play an important role in human life. High precision fiber laser cutting machine provides protection for human life safety. Fiber laser cutting machines can process cutting parts with small wedge angles and high aspect ratios. Compared with traditional laser processing, the thickness of the recast layer is significantly reduced in terms of slot width, slot wedge angle, and recast layer.

The fiber laser cutting machine has the ability to freely adjust pulse frequency and pulse period, significantly improving the controllability of cutting. The high quality of the cut can be confirmed through metallographic examination and observation of the laser cut cross-section. Today, many medical industry manufacturers are beginning to realize the advantages brought by laser cutting, and Han’s Super Power Laser has begun to provide the market with fully integrated laser cutting systems, well-designed tooling fixtures and high-precision multi axis Motor system to ensure the precise cutting requirements of various medical device materials.

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