The advantages of using metal laser cutting machines in the automotive industry are obvious

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The automotive industry is a very mature industry and one that uses a lot of sheet metal. With the continuous innovation of technology, laser cutting machines are widely used in the automotive manufacturing industry due to their own advantages. The automobile industry is one of the most widely used fields of laser processing, which mainly focuses on laser cutting and laser welding. Laser cutting includes plane cutting and three-dimensional cutting. For some high-strength steel structural parts with complex contours, three-dimensional laser cutting is a very effective processing method from a technical or economic perspective, followed by the processing of sheet metal parts, Metal laser cutting machines are quickly recognized by the market due to their fast and efficient advantages. The mid to low power metal machine cutting machines and 3D laser cutting machines of Daizu Superpower can be applied to the automotive industry. The automotive manufacturing industry is a highly concentrated field of new technologies, and laser cutting, as an advanced manufacturing method, is very important in the automotive manufacturing process and automotive component manufacturing process. Laser cutting technology basically covers all application fields in the automotive manufacturing industry. The application scope of laser cutting technology includes various aspects such as automotive components, car bodies, car door frames, car trunk, and car roof covers. In developed industrial countries such as Europe and the United States, 60%~80% of automobile parts are processed by laser. Among them, laser cutting is one of the main laser applications. Laser cutting in the automobile industry includes plane plate cutting and three-dimensional pipe cutting.

The cutting volume of sheet metal in the automotive industry is relatively large, and the advantages of using metal fiber laser cutting machines are very obvious:

1. The cost of metal laser cutting is 80% of traditional cutting. If laser cutting is widely used in China to replace traditional mold punching and blanking, it can save a lot of mold manufacturing costs. When cutting medium to small batches, large areas, and complex contour shapes of plates, laser cutting machines are more flexible, meet personalized needs, and shorten the cycle.

2. Laser cutting is controlled by computer numerical control, which can accurately cut complex patterns with convenient modifications and small errors.

3. Laser cutting equipment has a large processing surface and can cut the entire board with nesting, which is not easy for other processing equipment to achieve.

4. The dimensional accuracy and notch roughness standards of laser cutting exceed those of general mechanical cutting.

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