The Advantages of using IPG:Steven

With the development of fiber laser industry, there are many fiber laser source’s brands, Such as Raycus, IPG, MAX and nLIGHT. IPG is one of the best fiber laser source in the world. It is made by Germany, and made in Germany, America and Russia. Many people choose IPG, because this five points.


Firstly, compare with the others IPG has the highest photoelectric conversion rate. The photoelectric conversion rate of IPG is about 45%. The other brands only can achieved about 25%. Photoelectric conversion rate is the percentage of electric power change to laser power. It mean that to get the same laser power, the machine with higher photoelectric conversion rate will need lower electric power. From that, we can find out that IPG’s fiber laser source can save more electric power under the same task, compare with the other brands.


Secondly, IPG is a brand of Germany with good quality. The weakened of IPG’s fiber laser source power is slower than the other brands. It shows that the fiber laser source of IPG will be more efficiency than the others.


Thirdly, IPG has a higher market occupancy. It means that IPG is a well know brand in the world.


The next point is that, the failure rate of IPG is quite low compare with others. The failure rate of IPG is about 3%, but the other Brand like Raycus, the failure rate will be around 4% or 5%. It means that users using IPG will have a smaller percentage to get a inferior-quality of product, to make their work more efficiency.


In the end, IPG has a global warranty system. It does not matter, where you get the IPG fiber laser source from, it can be fixed in a nearby store.

From all these five points, we can find out that why where are quite many people using IPG, even with a big price.