Stainless steel tube laser cutting machine

XT Laser – Stainless Steel Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Stainless steel pipe is a common metal pipe in life. The traditional processing methods include Bench grinder cutting and high-speed steel saw blade cutting. However, this relatively inefficient processing mode is only suitable for small batch production, and the consistency of processed products is difficult to control. However, the stainless steel pipe laser cutting machine can automate production and double the cutting efficiency. The application of stainless steel pipe laser cutting machine to cut pipes has the following advantages:

1. Multifunctional cutting: The stainless steel pipe laser cutting machine can be designed and instantly cut various complex graphics or text, triggering more new pipe design inspiration, helping you quickly complete the development of new products and reducing research and development costs.

2. Good accessibility: The laser cutting machine for stainless steel pipes has good accessibility, making feeding easy. It can improve production efficiency several times.

3. Automatic clamping: Various pipes regardless of diameter can be freely switched without the need for fixture replacement.

4. Fully automatic feeding function (optional): saves labor and improves production efficiency.

5. Protective feeding rack (optional): Automatically collect large-sized workpieces, protect the appearance of workpieces, save labor, and improve feeding efficiency.

6. Easy to operate: The machine interface is combined with remote control operation, making it simple and convenient.

7. Process saving: The stainless steel tube laser cutting machine allows you to save labor on complex multi process processing (sawing, drilling, grooving, polishing), while eliminating intermediate logistics and storage costs. Compared with traditional cutting processing, the processing cost of a single workpiece is lower.

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