When you buy a laser cutter for metal you are taking the first step to take your company to the next level. Thanks to its versatility, with your laser laser cutter you can make a variety of products. And designs, which will undoubtedly place your company above the competition thanks to all the scope you can have with the technology of this machine.

In this way, you will ensure a better production, in addition to that you will be able to have a significant saving in energy since with the technology of this machine you will work with a great variety of metals without the need to have more cutters.

In this blog you will know better the scope that your laser cutter for metal can have:

  • Steel 321 – This is an austenitic steel, very similar to Type 304 but with an addition of titanium. Which allows it to withstand temperatures from 430 to 820 C, making it resistant to oxidation and corrosion. It mainly use in high temperature tempering equipment, boiler housings, welded pressure vessels, aircraft jet engine components, aircraft engine pistons, among others.
  • Stainless steel – It is an alloy of steel which contains at least 10% chromium, a material that makes it resistant to corrosion. This type of steel characterize by being very versatile since it can use in:
  1. The generation of energy, since it use in the creation of blades for turbines, elements for hydraulic pumps, special shafts for ventilation, among others.
  2. The food industry, for the manufacture of tanks for mixing or containing products.
  3. The medical industry, for the creation of surgical material.
  4. Architecture and construction for structures.
  5. Finally in the automotive industry. For the manufacture of the structure of a vehicle, exhaust system, catalytic converters, engine parts, among others.
  • Carbon steel – It is an alloy of iron and carbon. Thanks to its low cost and mechanical properties. This material has different applications such as in the construction industry, manufacture of: ship hulls, sheets for various uses, car bodies, bicycle structure and, the manufacture of nails and pins.
  • Brass – This material is an alloy form of copper and zinc. Rods and wire of various thicknesses can be manufactured. It is a great thermal conductor and is ideal for welding. The industries in which it can be applied are: the manufacture of locks, pipes, valves for the water industry, propellers, plugs and faucets.
  • Copper – It is a metal that is characterized as an excellent electrical conductor, thanks to its malleability and ductility. It has applications in the creation of refrigerator and air conditioning coils, in addition to computer heat sinks.
  • Sheet of various sizes – Ideal for the automotive industry; They can use for the manufacture of the fastening system of the safety belts. Manufacture brake parts as well as different aesthetic parts of vehicles.
  • Aluminum – It is a non-ferrous metal and the only one to provide hardness with low weight. It has a high resistance to corrosion. And high thermal and electrical conductivity which makes it the perfect material for use in the structure of airplanes and automobiles. In the manufacture of doors and windows, of household utensils and sheets for transformers.

These are some of the metals you can work with your metal laser cutter. As you can see, the applications you can make thanks to the versatility that the machine has are very varied; from architecture and design to the automotive industry. This is how this machine is the perfect equipment to exploit your creativity by entering different industries without any limit.

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