Learn these laser maintenance points and make your lasers last longer!—Winnie

Learn these points and make your lasers last longer!

As we all know, the core component of fiber laser equipment is a laser. If the laser is damage, the machine will not work properly, which will seriously cause the entire laser to scrappe. It will directly affect the satisfaction of the end-users. The most important thing is that the terminal customers are not professional enough and will only complain about suppliers and equipment vendors. According to previous maintenance cases, the phenomenon of water ingress and oil in the laser can avoide.

laser maintenance

1. If possible, place the laser in a control cabinet with heat dissipation and separate it from the machine.

Due to the daily maintenance of the machine tool, a large amount of lubricating oil must add regularly. Or the laser place in an improper position, too much lubricating oil may seep into the laser.

If the laser place inside the machine, be sure to check if there is any oil leaking onto the laser every day.

If find oil leak into the laser, stop using the laser immediately and contact the factory for repair.

2. It is strictly forbidden to place the laser in an area where water or oil is accumulated in the low temperature.

3. Prepare a temperature and humidity meter, put it in the working environment of the laser, and check the temperature and humidity of the site in real time to ensure that the ambient temperature is within the range of 5-40 °C and the relative humidity is below 75%.

4. Before the laser is turned on every day, check that the cooling water pressure is between 1.5-3.5 Bar.

5. Check the water supply of the laser and the joint of the pipe joint for water leakage. If there is any water leakage, it should be repaired in time.

6. Check the laser cooling water circuit for impurities. Replace the chiller filter regularly to ensure the water quality is qualified. Check the water pipe joint for corrosion. If it is, it should be repaired in time.