Have a safe operation on fiber laser cutting machine:Charry

Have a safe operation on fiber laser cutting machine

Have a safe operation on fiber laser cutting machine.

Have a safe operation on fiber laser cutting machine

Firstly,cutting accuracy:

Cutting accuracy is the basis for selecting a machine tool. It refers to the contour accuracy of the cutting workpiece, not the static accuracy marked on the sample!

The difference between a good machine and a poor machine is whether the accuracy of the high-speed cutting of the part will change, and whether the consistency of the workpiece will change greatly when cutting at different positions!

Secondly, cutting efficiency:

Cutting efficiency is an indicator of the profitability of a laser cutting machine. Cutting efficiency refers to the time when cutting workpiece, rather than simply looking at the cutting speed!

The higher the cutting efficiency, the higher the processing cost and the lower the running cost. It is a tool to make money!

Thirdly,Maintenance cost:

At present, the maintenance cost of the laser cutting machine is mainly from the maintenance cost of the laser!

However, the maintenance cost of each laser is different.

Fourthly, the service life:

The service life is an evaluation of the machine to save money, the longer the service life of the machine, the lower the depreciation expense of the laser cutting machine.

The main factors that determine the life of a machine tool are as follows:

The rigidity of the machine tool, simply speaking, the heavier the tonnage of the machine tool, the better the rigidity!

The configuration of the machine tool, as well as the brand and quality of the transmission device!

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