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Reflective Metal laser cutting machine-Ivy

Reflective Metal laser cutting machine

Due to the possible damage to the lens system, it is necessary to use the reflective metal laser cutting machine with special care.

For this reason, we have developed special systems and technologies that do not reduce cutting accuracy.

What are these technologies?

In practice, laser cutting companies often encounter highly reflective metals, such as aluminium.

Cutting these metals requires special attention and preparation of laser cutting machines.

That is, due to the reflection characteristics of these metals, accidental cutting or not prepared to grind the surface may lead to damage to the laser lens.

In addition to aluminium, laser cutting of stainless steel is also a major problem.

Why is laser cutting machine difficult to cut?

The principle of Co2 laser cutting machine is to guide the laser beam through the mirror and lens on the small surface of the cutting material.

Because the laser beam is actually a high intensity beam.

The reflection properties of metals can lead to laser beam rejection.

In this case, the reverse laser beam enters the lens and mirror system through the head of the laser cutting machine.

They can cause harm.

To prevent potential suppression of laser beams, we need several actions here.

Reflective metals must be covered with a layer or device that absorbs laser beams.

This cutting method will not affect the quality and accuracy of cutting.

And protect the laser cutting machine from damage.

In addition to the above processing, most modern laser cutting machines are equipped with self-protection systems. In the case of laser beam reflection, the system shuts down the laser cutting machine.

To prevent the lens from being damaged.

The working principle of the whole system is radiation measurement.

That is to say, it monitors the cutting process.

However, advances in technology have led to the development of laser cutting machines that can withstand this situation.

These are fiber lasers.