We know the importance of optimizing all the processes of the operation of your laser cutter. So our consultants give the task of selecting the 4 best tips to cost efficiency. And that you reach the most productive point of your production, with maximum savings in resources.

1.- Discipline is vital to optimize with a laser cutter

To optimize costs with your laser cutter, it is necessary to discipline with the order of the elements. Before devising one thing or another, require to have the design to be cut perfectly approved and loaded to the equipment.

Fortunately, XT LASER laser cutters design and designed to have a history of loaded and worked designs. Which helps to have exact control of operations.

Why is this point important? Because time waste defining or looking for cuts with those that previously work on and that, therefore, load into the system, the laser cutter has them in its files and times are sped up, which gives us faster production. In addition, XT LASER laser cutters also have a post-processor, which helps simulate cutting times and thus identify production costs and times involved.

2.- Optimizes the work area of the laser cutter

Before starting the production in the laser cutter it is ideal to perform a nesting. This process is about accommodating all your pieces in the work area, to optimize them in the most efficient way and avoid waste of material, which reduces costs of the operation both in material, as in energy, and of course, wear of the operation.

3.- Knowing the cutting parameters will save you considerably

What does this point mean? It is that through the knowledge and execution of the correct parameters, the costs of the operation reduce because a perfect balance reach between speed and the power you really need according to the cutting of your materials.

When the perfect balance between speed and power not reach, the material invariably damage or the desired finish not achieve. So the process would have to be repeated, and all that this implies.

The benefits of training the work team in a timely manner provides invaluable benefits:

  • Eliminated errors .
  • They reduce rework.
  • It saves time, materials, energy and avoids unnecessary wear on the laser cutter.

At XT LASER we understand the importance of accompanying you at all stages of production with a laser cutter, from the choice of the best, the training and the execution. We identify each vital point in advance to be with you at all times, achieve maximum profitability and versatility of your laser cutter.