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Various industries are accustomed to brand ranking, and the laser cutting machine industry is also the same. Many people want to know the ranking of laser cutting machines and the prices of imported or domestic laser cutting machines before purchasing. As a modern metal processing equipment, it has high efficiency, high density, and high quality, which is also good for the quality of cutting sections. Many advantages have gradually replaced plasma cutting Processing methods such as water cutting and CNC machine tools. So, what is the ranking of laser cutting machines? How much is the price of domestic laser cutting machines?

The saying goes that every row is like a mountain, every row has its own way! The laser cutting machine industry is considered high-tech by laypeople, while insiders may think it’s not much. This is human nature. Anyway, when purchasing a laser cutting machine, you still need to ask a few more questions.

How much is the price of domestic laser cutting machines

Nowadays, most manufacturers choose domestic laser cutting machines. Here is an example to illustrate the price issue of domestic laser cutting machines. Generally speaking, merchants do not quote casually. Because in the eyes of merchants, when they hear you ask “how much is a laser cutting machine”, their first reaction is whether this device can help you solve your problem. For example, if you go to the doctor and say you have had a stomach ache for a long time, and the doctor says it’s okay, just take some stomach medicine. You may not be satisfied with such an answer.

Before purchasing a laser cutting machine, you must first clarify your processing needs. What material to cut, what thickness of material to cut, how much to cut in a day, and what functions to bring, such as automatic loading and unloading. Different configurations will have different prices. If you ask how much a laser cutting machine costs as soon as you come up, the merchant may not bother to pay attention to you.

At the same time, it is also important to consider how much your budget is. In the eyes of merchants, this involves the issue of configuration. It depends on the food and clothing, and you can buy as much equipment as you have. This way, when you ask “how much is a laser cutting machine?”, you won’t be intimidated by the price when you ask about high configuration equipment.

Before purchasing equipment, talk to the merchant more and emphasize the importance of this. This way, when you see another laser cutting machine, you won’t directly ask “how much is the laser cutting machine?” Instead, you will ask how many watts the equipment is, whether the laser is imported or domestically produced, etc. Generally, the price of domestic laser cutting machines ranges from several hundred thousand to several million, with a large price difference between them, so there is no accurate market quotation, Specific configurations need to be consulted before quoting.

Ranking of laser cutting machines

In recent years, the development of the laser cutting machine industry has been rapid and visible to the naked eye. Many people look at the brand ranking of laser cutting machines when choosing equipment. For example, well-known domestic brands such as Xintian Laser Cutting Machine rank relatively high, and well-known brands still have certain advantages in quality and technology of laser cutting machines.

There are not few domestic manufacturers of laser cutting machines. On the one hand, the laser cutting equipment developed adopts different technologies, and there are definitely differences in price. Therefore, enterprises need to control procurement costs within an acceptable range. On the other hand, although manufacturers have similar equipment functions, there are often differences in equipment stability and cutting accuracy.

So, how to choose a laser cutting machine is the best way? The editor believes that it is best to see for real and observe the overall operation of the equipment on site. At the same time, understand the after-sales service of the manufacturer, so that the laser cutting machine can be repaired and maintained in a timely manner in the future.