Q-switched laser source and Mopa laser-Ivy

Q-switched laser source and Mopa laser

Hello,many customers has confusion of Raycsus/IPG we called Q-switched laser source and Mopa laser,so what is difference? how can we chose suitable model? Ivy her, we introduce more laser source knowledge.

1.JPT laser source
U can do research in China market.
The most popular color marking laser source is Mopa JPT.

2.Color series
For color marking series,JPT has M1+ and M6+,20w and 30w.

3.Difference between M1+ and M6+ 
Pls check the attachment to see the technician parameters.
The main difference is in adjustable pulse width.
M1+: 6-200ns
M6+: 2-200ns

U can see,M6+ has wider range.
So it has wider color range and the color effect can be brighter.
But the difference is not so big.

Generally speaking,for color marking,
we always suggest 20w M1+ to customer,it is enough.
If need faster speed ,or strict color demand, or want deep engraving too,u can also suggest 30w.

5.Mopa and Q-Switch (Raycus,IPG)
Same:1064nm wavelength laser beam
Mopa———Pulse width (2-200ns), Pulse frequency (1-1000HZ) , so MOPA laser is more flexible.
Q-Switch—- Pulse width and pulse frequency are fixed, can not be changed.
Pulse width (90-130ns),Pulse frequency(20-80 kHz)

Mopa can do all the Raycus’ work.
Mopa  > Raycus

Hope this can help u learn more about Mopa laser source.

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