Principle and Main methods of fiber laser cutting machine processing–Tulsa

Principle and Main methods of fiber laser cutting machine processing–Tulsa

1.1 Principle methods of laser processing

Laser cutting is an advance and widely used cutting process in material processing. It is a processing method that uses a high-energy density laser beam as a “cutting tool” to thermally cut materials. Laser cutting technology can realize the cutting of various metals, non-metal plates, composite materials, etc.. And it has a wide range of applications in various fields.

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The application of laser cutting technology on solar panels

1.2 Main methods of laser processing

1) Laser melting and cutting

Laser melting cutting is to use laser heating to melt the metal material. And then spray non-oxidizing gas (N2, Air, etc.) through a nozzle coaxial with the beam. To remove the liquid metal by the strong pressure of the gas to form a slit.

Laser melting cutting is mainly used for cutting some non-oxidized materials or active metals, such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and their alloys.

2) Laser oxygen cutting

The principle of laser oxygen cutting is similar to oxyacetylene cutting. It uses a laser as a preheating heat source and an active gas such as oxygen as the cutting gas. On the one hand, the ejected gas reacts with the metal to cause an oxidation reaction and release a large amount of oxidation heat; on the other hand, the molten oxide and melt are blown out of the reaction zone to form an incision in the metal.

Laser oxygen cutting is mainly used for easily oxidized metal materials such as carbon steel. It can also be used to process stainless steel and other materials, but the section is black and rough, and its cost is lower than inert gas cutting

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