Precautions in the use of cleaning machines–Caesar

1, the laser cleaning machine power state, the laser output head is prohibited to face the direction of people, the laser output head is prohibited to irradiate the surface of highly reflective materials (such as copper, aluminum, mirror stainless steel and other surface strong reflective materials).
2, according to the provisions of the labor protective equipment, in the vicinity of the laser beam must wear protective glasses in line with the regulations.
3, if the laser is not properly shut down the next time it will be in an alarm state, which will affect the life of the laser. Check whether the laser function button switch is reset before powering on

4、Check whether the equipment circuit is normally connected before starting the machine, if not, it is prohibited to start using.
5、Prohibit the use of the light outlet and cleaning surface at a right angle of 90 degrees, so as not to affect the life of the equipment.
6, the first use please add deionized water or pure water to the water tank, the water inside the tank 3-6 months to replace.
7, prohibit bending bellows, bellows bending radius of ≥ 250mm, to prevent damage to the fiber in the bellows.

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