pot kitchen fiber laser marking machine-Jill

pot kitchen fiber laser marking machine-Jill

Most customers choose fiber laser marking machine to mark on metal pot,kitchenware.

Here we introduce more.


1.Working videos

Firstly,we shar some working videos.





2.Pot marking position

Secondly,the marking position is also important.

pot kitchen fiber laser marking machine


3.How to mark on inside pot?

Thirdly,if you want to mark inside,how to clamp and how to mark?

If you want to mark on side pot,to mark the scale,we have one special tool for you.

We design it for pot marking.



4.Lifing pillar

And also,Some customers sometimes want to mark big high pot,so they can choose the 80cm lifting pillar.

However,50 cm lifting pillar is not enough.


5.3D marking machine

And also,Sometimes customers want to mark on curved surface.

If the logo is big,and customers want to mark on curved pot surface directly.

They have to choose 3D machine.

2D machine can only mark on plate surface.


In order to mark on metal,you can also check below article.


More questions just let us know.
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