Pet tag marking with fiber laser marking machine-Ariel

Pet tag marking with fiber laser marking machine

The article is about pet tag marking with fiber laser marking machine.

I love dogs and cats. They are so cute and can give you warm and accompany.That’s why it is so hot do pet business.Well, one of them is pet tag marking. We all give our pets a unique tag with his/her name ,birth or something.In addition to many specialized stores, some pet stores offer similar services to attract customers.

So how to mark on pet tag?Can we do it with our own self?

Most of pets tags materials are stainless steel.There are many shapes and colors can be chose.Most of merchants choose use fiber laser marking machine to do this work.It has a fast speed and permanent effect.

The machine price depends on its laser power. If you only need to do surface marking,20w is enough.While if you want to do a little deep engraving,30w is a better choice.Here is some popular model of fiber laser marking machine.

Mini type fiber laser marking machine-save space and shipping cost

laser marking machine

Desktop type fiber laser marker-easy to move

Mini enclosed type fiber laser marker-high safety level

fiber laser marking machine

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