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Why People prefer Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine

After several years development, fiber laser marking machine have been very mature industry machine. In order to meet different customers’ different marking demand, there is many different machine type in the market, such as desktop fiber laser marking machine, Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine, Portable fiber laser marker, seperated type laser marker. In all of these machine type, Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine is one of the most popular one.

Why People prefer Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine

  • Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine is very small, its total weight is not more than 70kg, the floor space is much more less than 1㎡. Due to sea shipping take so long time, most oversea customers prefer to ship machine by air. With mini fiber laser marking machine we can save large cost on shipping. With other machine type, their weight is double than mini fiber laser marking machine at least.
  • In real application, mini fiber laser marker can be used on most product no matter it is small or big.

Portable type have no lift and its focus length is fixed, so portable can only used on small piece and its working size only 100*100mm. If customers want to use it mark large size and some high product. We have to put it on some higher place. Really not good idea.

Desktop type machine near have same application with mini laser, but it is double weight. It cost double on air shipping.

As for other type, most of them have special application, some for flying marking, some for super large size product.

We know market determine who will be the survival in market competition. Mini fiber laser marker be the survival in the end. 

Mini fiber laser marking machine

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