New fiber laser cutting machines: Jill

New fiber laser cutting machines

New fiber laser cutting machines


As you known,XTLASER is the symbol of quality in the same price level.

The quality is the most important for customers and engineers.

Also we need pay attention on machine look.So we make our best to customers,quality and appearance are important to attract a serious customer.

Firstly.The most important part of fiber laser cutting machine is laser source.

As we talked,we use the original IPG/Raycus/Max/nLIGHT laser source. Every laser source with a testing report,and the S/N inside it.

Second.The second important part is laser cutting head.We use Raytools,Swiss brand,its easy to adjust the focus and failure rate is lower.For now,Raytools made one customized look to us.Precite cutting head for high power cutter.

Thirdly.The third part is the machine bed.

Some suppliers maybe told you,its not important.But according to our testing and customers feedback,thats a serious problem.If the machine bed is with some bad structure,the machine is not stable when cut.

We use the thick plate welding machine.we have removed the internal stress of the metal after the welding of the machine bed.Cause the machine bed has been on high temperature quenching.(cause some suppliers use the CNC machine bed,do not with this step.So the machine bed will be not stable for the fiber laser cutting)

For machine lathe bed,we use the Thick plate welding machine bed:This kind of machine bed has strongly reasonable structure. when produces it,there is relief annealing, so the whole structure is very firm and hard to  deform.

Finally, Height controller

It can calibrate if the metal sheet flat or not, adjust it by control the cutting head up and down.

Sometimes, this controller is not appear in outside, just in the software.
Additionally,it is suitable for cutting precision parts and a variety of craft word, painting fine cutting. And it is more than 100 times the line cutting.
At the same time,The slits are smooth and beautiful, and not require post-processing.More details just let me know.

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