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New development trend of handheld laser welding machine

Is the new development trend of handheld laser welding machine. With the development of technology, handheld laser welding technology has matured. In fact laser technology is another important invention today.

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The main advantages of this welding technology:

  • Welding with a lower thermal input that translates into fewer changes in microstructure. And properties in the thermally affected area.
  • Automated process with a high degree of control.
  • High welding speeds (x5-10 with respect to arc processes), and low distortion (material deformation) and minimal stresses introduced by the process.
  • High reliability and repeatability of the process. There is no direct contact with the welding zone. There is no tool wear. It enables long working distances. Applicable to a large number of metal alloys and thermoplastic materials.
  • Dissimilar materials. Welding of materials that by other techniques are difficult to weld.
  • All these advantages translate into a high quality and aesthetic appearance of the joints.

Which industries are hand-held laser welding machines mainly used for?

1. Cabinets, kitchens and toilets

At present, people often need to use a variety of cabinets, kitchens and toilets. As well as some stainless steel cabinets and kitchenware. The stainless steel cabinets and kitchen utensils are usually made by splicing various plates during the production process. For example we need cut the plates naturally during the production process. And the cutting is mostly performed by a handheld laser welding machine.

2. Stairs and elevators

In the process of making elevators and stairs. For example some corners, need to be welded with a handheld laser welding machine to ensure that every corner can be welded in place. Then ensure the aesthetics of the stairs and elevators. So the evaluation is high. As a result the application of laser welding in stair elevators is also relatively common.

3. In terms of door and window guardrail

For last, in the process of modern home improvement.  They use more and more stainless steel materials, as well as stainless steel doors, windows and guardrails, and stainless steel doors. In addition windows and guardrails also need to be welded by welding equipment. So the well received handheld laser welding machine plays such a role to ensure that the display effect of doors, windows and guardrails will not be affected after welding.

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