MOPA and Q-switch laser marking machines difference-Sandra

MOPA and Q-switch laser marking machines difference

Laser marking machines have been more and more popular.In the market, the type of pulsed fiber laser is mainly includes two types: Q-switch and MOPA laser marking machines. So what is the difference between MOPA laser and Q-switch laser?

1. Stainless steel color marking applications

We can change the parameters of MOPA laser pulse width. So it can make the material easy to deformation, shading is more delicate and bright white. It is the reason that the laser MOPA pulse width parameter can make laser stay at the material time becomes shorter. And then sufficiently high energy can mark color on stainless steel. So laser MOPA is a better choice.

2. Anodic aluminum oxide black marking applications

The use of laser in the  surface is to mark a black mark, model and text. and the application in the recent two years is gradually apple, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Samsung electronic manufacturers widely used for electronic product shell, used for marking black mark on the trade marks, models, etc.. For this type of applications, we can only use MOPA laser marking machines. Because it has a wide pulse width and pulse frequency adjustment range. We can mark effect of black on the material surface by narrow pulse width and high frequency parameters.And then we can mark the effect of different gray  through different combinations of parameters.

3. Electronic, semiconductor, ITO precision machining applications

In these applications, mainly need to use fine line marking. because of Q-switch laser structure, it can not adjust the pulse width parameters, so the line is difficult to achieve fine. The MOPA laser marking machines can be flexible to adjust the pulse width and frequency parameters, which can not only make the line fine, but also the edge is not smooth.