How to maintenance Laser cutting machine with temperature in summer Vicky

1. With the high temperature in summer, the working pressure of cooling system of laser cutting machine increased. Suggested that the internal pressure of cooling machine should check before the high temperature comes.

2. As the mainly dust is metal powder. It recommends to periodically clean the dust in the electric cabinet of the laser cutting machine. And check the working conditions of the radiating fan.

3. When it is high temperature, the speed of cooling water deterioration will accelerat. Customers who use laser cutting machine should use distilled water or pure water to clean up the scale regularly to avoid the laser source and water pipeline to attach scale to affect the laser power. Note: Different types of laser cutting machines, cleaning methods are different, please operate under the guidance of equipment manufacturers.

4. Pay attention that the cooling water temperature should not be too different from the air temperature. The laser and optical lens of the laser cutting machine use water cooling method. Because the water in the air will condense into ice when the cooling water is cold, when the cooling water temperature is too low, the surface of laser and optical lens will condense with water, which greatly affects the efficiency of laser output and the service life of laser energy and optical accessories. It is suggested that the water temperature should be set at 30-32 degrees and the difference between the cooling water temperature and the room temperature should be greater than 7 degrees.

The frequent maintenance of optical fiber laser cutting machines can not only save economic costs but also increase the service life. Therefore, paying attention to the maintenance of optical fiber laser cutting machines at ordinary times can provide a good foundation for future use. Summer comes. Let’s do a good laser cutter protection ahead of summer time.

How to maintenance Laser cutting machine with temperature in summer

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