The main advantages of laser cutting machine-Angelina

The main advantages of laser cutting machine


This massage we will talk about the advantaged of  laser cutting machine.

At first , it is Good cutting quality

The slit width is narrow (typically 0.1-0.5mm), high precision (general hole center distance error 0.1-0.4mm, contour size error 0.1~0.5mm).

The surface roughness of the slit is good (general Ria is 12.5~25μm).

And the slits are generally welded without secondary processing.

Secondly, laser Cutting  machine speed is fast

For example, the cutting speed of carbon steel with 2kw laser power, a thickness of 8mm is 1.6m/min.

The cutting speed of stainless steel with a thickness of 2mm is 3.5m/min.

And the deformation is extremely small.

Thirdly, Clean, safe and non-polluting, greatly improving the working environment of the operators

Laser cutting is a non-contact optical thermal processing, knowing as the “universal tool that never wears out.”

The workpiece can tightly nest or nest in any form to make full use of the raw materials.

Moreover, due to the non-contact processing, we could minimize the distortion of the machined parts and reduce the amount of wear.

At last,Comparison of laser cutting and punching

Previously, the sheet metal processing industry used traditional punching machines for stamping and later developed into CNC turret punch presses and composite machine tools.

With the advancement of society, laser cutting technology has also been popular among the metal processing industry.

And it has become an advanced processing method for industrial plate cutting.

According to informal statistics, China has used more than 500 laser cutting machine in industrial production, accounting for about 2% of the total operating system in the world.