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Factors affecting the laser engraving effect

Factors affecting the laser engraving effect. The divergence angle of the original beam is not something inside the laser. Because the divergence angle can improve by using a better lens combination.

But the laser spot pattern has a great influence on the divergence angle of the laser after the light is emitte. So I have to have the divergence angle now. The spot pattern is treate together and discusse together.

When lasers are classified by spot mode, they can be classified into single-order mode, base mode and multi-order mode.

The fundamental mode is also known as the TEM00 mode. Its energy distribution (electromagnetic field distribution) has a magnetic field index of 0 on both the X and Y axes.

So this mode is the most ideal spot and the most reasonable dot. With the TEM00 mode laser, the most ideal Gaussian beam and the smallest spot can obtain.

Because of the small spot size in the marking and cutting process, the minimum line slitting and faster marking cutting speed are obtain.

  2. laser spot pattern and beam divergence angle

The multi-order mode is exponentially 1 or more in the X and Y directions of the electromagnetic field. The spot quality is poor and the energy distribution is not concentrate.

No matter how good the focusing lens group is, no good effect can obtain. Generally used only for welding, metal surface treatment without marking and cutting, unless it is not required.

The better the spot pattern, the smaller the beam divergence angle is. The effect of marking is reflect in: small lines, good depth of focus, high energy, etc.

The effect of laser cutting quality is reflect in the width of the slit. On the slope of the incision, if the divergence angle is small, the focus is small, the depth of focus is long.

And the cutting quality is thus higher. The spot pattern and divergence angle are actually one of the most important indicators for measuring the quality of laser processing.

(Seeing this, urinating has already dizzy, simply speaking, buy a good laser, with a good galvanometer, keep the lens clean, probably sauce purple).

3. laser power

Laser power, I want to say mainly includes three aspects of average power, peak power, and laser energy stability.

The laser power is different, and the effect of marking can be naturally different. Some marking materials can only use low-power lasers.

The power is high and may not effective, but some require fast speed, otherwise the effect will not come out.

For example, the cutting and marking of the leather must be at 150. Above, the number of times you mark is 5 times, 10 times is no problem.

But if you want to mark 1 time, use 10 speed directly, then the leather will burn. In marking cutting, another indicator of power is the stability of energy.

The average of each peak power. Lasers with excellent stability and uniform peak power are also ideal for marking and cutting quality.

Factory-style 24-hour continuous operation, almost uninterrupted production method, requires the laser to run stably for a long time.

And that factory is not willing to stop production due to laser problems.

4. Reasonable optical shaping combined with auxiliary gases and substances during processing.

Reasonable choice of optical shaping is a necessary complement to the laser marking effect.

Such as the addition of laser apertures and other measures. In the process of laser marking, a certain amount of auxiliary substances are add.

The effect of a thousand pounds, such as the addition of laser powder, the use of CO2 laser PP, PE material can process to black marking effect.

Such as adding water to the chemical fiber cloth cutting, making the marking cutting effect is better than the effect of no water.

And The cutting of the artificial leather and the cooking oil can also get a good effect.

In fact, the fourth point is no longer a laser internal factor, but it is closely relate to the laser wavelength and the laser absorption. It can be said that it is also a study.

Another effect that affects laser marking is the marking setting, which mainly includes the marking density during processing, the marking format, the marking depth and the laser spot size.

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