Laser Investing

Is it time to invest in laser stock? According to at least one financial analyst, the answer is “yes”.
We talk a lot here about all the things lasers and laser technology bring to our lives. Jamieson Laser has been in the laser business since 1988. Laser engraving, marking and cutting have come a long way in the years that followed. Laser technology is constantly growing. That means the value of laser stocks may rise.
The point of this investment article is that very little happens in the current high-tech climate that does not involve laser technology. Lasers are involved in precision manufacturing, precision munitions and precision medical imaging.
The investment analyst in the article points out that the word laser is actually an acronym that stands for “light amplification by stimulated emissions of radiation”. That’s a nice piece of information but it has nothing to do with investing in laser technology. Nowadays everyone has a decent handle on what lasers are and a pretty good ideas about the things lasers do.
The point of the article still stands: The laser industry is booming. When factoring in all applications, the industry was worth more than $6.3 billion in 2010. Those numbers should continue to climb. By 2018, laser use in some areas of the medical industry is expected to account for more than two billion dollars per year.
So many of our everyday devices use laser technology. We are talking about things like DVD players (they’re still around), TV remotes, cell phones and printers. Of course, laser technology is also used in military applications and throughout the medical field. The same types of industrial lasers used to cut steel at automotive plants can be recalibrated to burn through wood and plastic.
Of course, it’s up to each individual investor to do the homework and determine if it’s the right investment.

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