laser industry machine under new situation is still bright–XT laser Amy 

A  general story of me and our customa new situation

laser industry machine under new situation is still bright–XT laser Amy 

Maybe you are unbelieve I said, but its true that laser industry machine still steadly moving ahead in such situation.I dont want to explain more about the situation,every body know that. and also this passage is just stand for my own opinion.

A  general story of me and our customa

fist share some intresting thing, it also happend to me.

Most of my customa will hesitate or compare with other company,marking in two month,cutting in 6 month( I could really under stand ,because open a new business is not easy, include place,people,money. About me ,once a boss of myself. The before work is so  much even you can’t sleep, too.) but  after the preparing, most of the most customa choose us ,some choose other company.

According to our survey, after 1 year,the “some”customa had to buy laser machine again, some of their machine seller had left this business for ever, some of them need to pay a lot of repair fee to their seller.

Also the “most”come  to me again, not for repair or ask for change ,but  for more machine, that the reason why we can been in this business for 17 years sometimes I think it is so.and  this job make me feel proud.

If some laser producer  doesn’t like us,  have their own factory,just rent factoy ,let move our brain: they need to pay the rent fee,worker fee, cost fee,but the pirce is the same as our or even cheaper?Do you know what’s the difference?yes,the quality. I dont mean all, but most.

About the new situation

some laser company up ,some company down, they all cant prevent the development of the business, that’s why?

look at your around? could you see the mark behind you phone?the cutted tube in yourr chair?and some keyboard  word also marked by laser,it included in car industry, electronic manufacture, industry ,glass process……

So if you have the heart ,just try hard to do it well,if you want to buy ,please think about XT LASER.

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