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Laser Cleaning Machine Application

Today the manufacturing industry is developing rapidly. Whether it is mechanical or electronic products before processing or assemble, and after the equipment has been in operation during a period of time, it is necessary to clean some materials or components.

Now, so XT Laser will take you to know the laser cleaning machine.

Compared with the traditional cleaning method

the laser cleaning machine has the advantages of environmental friendliness, non-contact, precise control, and non-destructive or micro-damage to the substrate.

Improved cleaning efficiency, especially improved safety.

With the development of laser cleaning technology in China, the types of cleaning materials and application fields are gradually expanding, which can be realized the cleaning treatment of steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, paint layer ,rust and so on.

As a new field of laser application

laser cleaning technology, there are attractive application prospects.

With the development and improvement of laser technology and performance, the quality of laser cleaning materials continues to increase, and cleaning accuracy and efficiency are gradually increasing.

I believe in the near future, so XT LASER will continue to research and development a laser cleaning machine that will make you more satisfied.

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