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Laser around us – application of laser marking machine in daily necessities

With the improvement of living standards and the growing variety of daily necessities. So it has become an indispensable part of people’s daily life.

Firstly, It is especially important to clearly mark the icons, environmental protection signs and parameters on daily necessities, which can remind the safety of goods. Scope and duration of use

The working principle of the laser marking machine is to collect the laser at a very high energy density on the surface of the object to be marked, and to vaporize the surface material in a very short time. And to accurately control the effective displacement of the laser beam, precisely . So it is a green and safe marking device with a delicate pattern or text, no consumables and more convenient maintenance.

The advantages of laser marking machines are as follows:

1. Firstly, The graphic of the marking is of high precision, can not wipe, will not fade, the anti-counterfeiting effect is obvious, and it is beneficial to the product tracking record;
2, To increase the added value, can make the product look higher grade, enhance the brand awareness of the product;
3, More high efficiency, no consumables, a finished product, a wide range of applicable materials, no need for secondary investment;
4. When using daily necessities, no harmful elements will produce, and one more safety guarantee!
In general, in the high-tech environment. The small-scale fiber laser marking machine launche by XTLaser has designed. To reduce production costs and reduce consumables for customers with its long service life.  Damage resistance, fast speed, more safety and environmental protection, and simple operation. Increase productivity.