How to Install Machine Buy from Abroad in This Situation-Nancy

How to Install Machine Buy from Abroad in This Situation-Nancy

How to Install Machine Buy from Abroad in This Situation-Nancy

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Under the global impact of COVID-19, many flights have been suspended.

Now customers will worry how to install machine once they buy from abroad.

About this question, we provide three program for customers.







Firstly, the troditional way, installation machine to customer factory.

If customer really need our engineers to install machine to their factory, we also will, but in this situation, customers will wait longer time than normally.

Secondly, installation machine online.

Most customers’ factory have their own engineer.

Once they receive machine, our engineers can help customers install machine online step by step.

Online installation machine is free, and we also will provide free training for the machine.

In this way customer will save more fee, such as engineers’ round-tripe tickes, boarding and lodging, and also save time.

Thirdly, firstly installation machine online, then when the situation better, our engineers also can go to customers’ factory for maintain.

Every year our engineers will go over the world, when our engineers go which country or city, we will tell customers in advance. If customers need maintain machine, our engineers will visit their factory.

Every year our company will also participate in many exhibitions. We will visit local customers.

So about the machine installation, customers don’t worry.

We have many customers finished installation machine online in this situation.

And we also get many good feedback.

Now finished online installation machine model including: open type fiber laser cutting machine, plate and tube fiber laser cutting machne, and full enclosed fiber laser cutting machine.

Our engineers have rich experience for online installation machine already.

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