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Which industries are laser cutting machines suitable for?

Which industries are laser cutting machines suitable for?In the laser cutting machine industry, fiber laser cutting machines occupy a large part in industrial manufacturing. For most metal materials, no matter how hard they are, they can perform infinite cutting. Today we will take a look at the practical application of laser cutting machines in various industries.

Sheet metal processing industry

With the rapid development of sheet metal processing technology, the domestic processing technology is also a thousand miles.

Then, the traditional sheet metal cutting equipment (shearing, punching, flame cutting, plasma cutting, high pressure water cutting, etc.), although occupying a considerable market Market share.

Then, now, can not meet the current process requirements; laser cutting is a process reaction of sheet metal processing, is the “machining center” in sheet metal processing.

Laser cutting flexibility level is high, cutting speed is fast, consumption efficiency is high, The short cycle of product consumption has won a general market for customers.

To sum up

Laser cutting has no cutting force, no distortion in processing; no tool wear and good compliance; whether simple or complex parts, it can laser-finished and fine-formed and cut quickly; its slit is narrow, cutting quality is good, automation level is high, and operation is cumbersome The labor intensity is low and there is no pollution; the automatic cutting and nesting of cutting can  complete, the data application rate is improving, the consumption cost is low, and the economic benefit is good. The application of laser cutting machine in the future sheet metal processing is an inevitable trend.


In addition to the above-mentioned most widely used laser cutting machines, such as automotive, aerospace, steel construction, elevator manufacturing, printing industry, etc. have a corresponding development space, so laser cutting machine will become the mainstream development in the future.

Now fiber laser cutting machine is more popular in world.

Have a safe fiber laser cutting machine operation