How to solve the burr problem of laser cutting machine?

How does laser cutting machine technology deal with burrs? When some customers use the laser cutting machine to process the plate, the cutting effect of the workpiece is not ideal, and there are many burrs. So many customers begin to doubt the quality of the laser cutting machine products. This is not in the cutting process of the metal laser cutting machine. Due to improper operation and technical problems, the processed materials will not produce burrs. Burr only occurs in metal cutting, and there is no burr problem in nonmetal cutting. How did the burr come from. In fact, burr is the residual particles on the surface of metal material. If a material has burrs, it may have quality defects. The more burrs, the lower the quality. What is the cause of burr when laser cutting machine processes sheet metal? Let’s give you a brief analysis.

The working principle and technical analysis of the laser cutting machine have obtained the causes and solutions of the burr.

  1. The upper and lower positions of the beam focus shift
    Solution: Adjust the position of the focus and adjust it according to its offset position.
    Second, the output power of the machine is not enough
    Solution: Check whether the laser cutting machine works normally. If it is abnormal, it needs to be repaired and maintained in time. If it is normal, check whether the output value is correct.
  2. The wire cutting speed of the cutting machine is too slow
    Solution: timely adjust and improve the wire cutting speed
  3. The purity of auxiliary gas of cutting machine is not enough
    Solution: Explain to increase the purity of auxiliary gas.
  4. Add point offset of laser beam of cutting machine
    Solution: debug the focus and adjust it in time.
  5. The laser cutting machine is unstable due to its long working time
    Solution: Shut down the machine and restart it to let the machine rest.
    Metal laser cutting machine is a precise machine, and its operation is also a delicate work. Usually, a data error will cause it to work improperly. Therefore, we should be strict and precise in our work to reduce and avoid mistakes.
    The main reason for the burr produced by the laser cutting machine when processing the plate: when the laser cutting machine is processing the workpiece, the high energy generated by the laser beam irradiation on the workpiece surface will make the workpiece surface vaporize rapidly to achieve the purpose of cutting. But here is a core device that we must pay attention to, that is auxiliary gas. Auxiliary gas is used to blow off the molten slag on the surface of the workpiece after vaporization of the irradiated surface. If auxiliary gas is not used, the cooled slag will form burr and attach to the cutting surface. This is the main reason for burr.
    Another reason is the quality of the equipment itself and the factors of parameter setting. After the customer purchases the laser cutting machine, the equipment must be debugged by professional operators.
    Solution to burr generated during sheet metal processing by laser cutting machine:
    Be sure to equip air compressor and use auxiliary gas for cutting.
    Find professional operators to adjust the parameters of the laser cutting machine until it is normal.

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