How to negotiate the price of fiber laser cutting machines

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How to negotiate the price of fiber laser cutting machines? How to select a manufacturer of fiber laser cutting machines? This not only requires the purchasing unit to have a keen eye, but also to understand the dynamics of the manufacturing industry. Instead of selecting the best merchants, it is important to find the most suitable one for oneself. Although the quality of the brand enterprise can be guaranteed, the price is also relatively high, which is not very economical for small-scale purchasing units. Next, Xintian Laser will introduce how to negotiate the price of fiber laser cutting machines.

How to negotiate the price of fiber laser cutting machines mainly includes four key points: understanding one’s own needs, where to find out, how to negotiate the price, and contract game.

Firstly, understand one’s own needs

Fiber optic laser cutting machine manufacturers all have their own specialized projects, such as those who are good at making flat laser cutting machines may not be able to make 3D laser cutting machines, and those who are good at making tube laser cutting machines may not be able to make plate tube integrated machines. This involves a large number of accessory manufacturers and raw material suppliers, as well as the process and experience of production lines. Therefore, procurement merchants need to understand their own needs and find suitable manufacturers.

Secondly, where to get to know

If you have never been in contact with this industry, you should frequently visit the laser equipment industry website, always reporting extensively on the industry’s trends, or through offline channels such as exhibitions and promotion meetings to learn about the manufacturing capabilities and customer reputation of some manufacturers, as well as the areas of expertise of the other party. Of course, through interviews with some equipment users, You can also understand the past production cases of some manufacturers.

Thirdly, how to negotiate the price

Without investigating more than three manufacturers, it is impossible to form a sufficient understanding of the procurement field. The other party often asks exorbitant prices when asking prices, and it is difficult for buyers who do not know how to negotiate prices to negotiate. If the other party knows that they have already contacted multiple manufacturers, then the production team will lower their stance and give a suitable price.

Fourth, contract game

When both parties enter into a contract, it is stated that they have reached the final stage, and the terms of the contract should strive to gain a favorable position for themselves. This is a game process, and under the premise of meeting legal conditions, hidden terms that may be preset by the other party are identified and explicitly stipulated. These requirements are often met by the production party. In case of conflicts between the two parties, there is also evidence in black and white.

There may be tens of thousands of fiber optic laser cutting machine manufacturers in China, but not every merchant has achieved customer first. Sometimes, before signing a contract, there is one sample, and after signing, there is another sample. The purchasing merchant must be aware of this and constrain the other party through installment payments. Only the stronger they are, the softer their stance will be. This is very effective when negotiating with some small manufacturers, and outdoor equipment can cost hundreds of thousands of yuan, It costs millions of yuan, and even millions of yuan for ultra large fiber laser cutting machines, which is not ambiguous.