How to judge the strength of laser cutting machine manufacturers

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The investment in introducing laser cutting machines is not like other industries. Laser cutting machine equipment has the characteristics of large investment amount, high industry requirements, and coexisting operational risks. Therefore, when choosing laser cutting machine manufacturers for cooperation, it is necessary to be very cautious. Looking for suppliers is not only about reasonable prices of laser cutting machine equipment in the early stages of cooperation, satisfactory laser cutting machine styles, and controllable delivery times of laser cutting machines, It is important to understand the true capabilities of the laser cutting machine manufacturer, the quality of the amusement equipment produced, the manufacturer’s reputation in the market, and the manufacturer’s service capabilities. Accurately understanding whether the manufacturer is truly a legally qualified manufacturer is the key.

Nowadays, many laser cutting machine equipment manufacturers borrow some small factory premises to deceive customers, boasting that they are production factories. When customers come to audit factories, they take them to other factory workshops. Generally, these laser cutting machine companies establish cooperation with factories to help them sell laser cutting machine equipment, The Quid pro quo is that when customers of middlemen come to the factory, they should claim that their factory is the factory of the laser cutting machine company, and place banners, nameplates, etc. of middlemen at the factory gate or in the workshop to make customers believe that the factory is their own. How many aspects should suppliers be audited to determine whether they are truly capable manufacturers?

1. Check the qualifications to see if the manufacturer has various certificates for producing laser cutting machine equipment. The name of the business license should be consistent with the names of various certificates. If there is any inconsistency, it means borrowing certificates from other manufacturers is deceiving you.

2. Check the technology to see if the manufacturer has a professional R&D and design team. This is very important for laser cutting machine equipment manufacturers. Only an excellent team can design interesting and popular laser cutting machines, and the quality of laser cutting machines can be guaranteed.

3. Look at your strength and conduct on-site inspections. From various aspects such as venue size, equipment types, styles, and team members, it can be observed that the larger the venue area, the more diverse the equipment types, styles, and styles. The more professional and serious the team members, the stronger the strength of laser cutting machine manufacturers.

4. Look at the product, understand the material of the product material, understand the quality and production process of the product. Visiting the field can compare whether specific products are different from the manufacturer’s promotion, and understand the specific situation of the manufacturer’s technology and product quality.

5. Check the after-sales service to see if the manufacturer’s after-sales service can keep up. The service life of laser cutting machines is generally 5-10 years. Over time, there may be some wear and tear, especially if business is good and there are many users, which will exacerbate wear and tear. Regular inspection and maintenance are necessary. Whether the manufacturer’s after-sales service can keep up directly affects the future operation of laser cutting machine equipment. After sales guarantee must be included in the contract, with clear and timely after-sales responsibilities. Do not listen to the verbal promises of the factory family. Many small laser cutting machine manufacturers do not have after-sales maintenance capabilities, and once the equipment is sold, they will not be responsible. Therefore, do not trust the manufacturer’s verbal promises.

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