How to ensure safe production of metal laser cutting machine

How to ensure safe production of metal laser cutting machine
When purchasing machinery and equipment, we all want to buy equipment that will achieve safe production in the real world of work or use, but sometimes equipment can have problems that lead to abnormal production and we need to avoid or troubleshoot the problem. This is also the case with metal laser cutting machines, and as one of the most popular machines in the industry, many users are inquiring about safe production methods for metal laser cutting machines. As a result, Da Clan Super Energy has conducted the following summary:
With the continuous development of technology updates, the traditional mechanical knife was replaced by metal laser cutting machine, laser cutting process is the use of invisible light beam instead of the traditional mechanical knife, high precision, cutting fast, not limited to cutting pattern restrictions, automatic layout to save material, smooth kerf, low processing costs, will gradually improve or replace in the traditional metal cutting process equipment.
But for the new technology products – metal laser cutting machine, in fact, many people do not have a set of real operating safety procedures in mind, in the end how to use the laser cutting machine is considered safe operation? Today to give you the answer.
First, before working daily
1, check the laser, water chiller water temperature is normal
2, check whether the gas pressure meets the requirements
3, check the extractor fan, chiller and industrial circulating water chiller is working properly
4, check whether the focusing mirror is polluted (carbon dioxide laser directly pull out the lens observation, fiber laser after half an hour of operation with the hand to feel whether the temperature of the focusing mirror shell at abnormal, to ensure that no abnormal before opening the equipment)
Second, the daily work
1, in strict accordance with the switching order to open the machine to prevent burned electrical components of the machine
2. Do not turn on the power supply with wet hands to prevent electric shock.
3、When turning on the liquid gas, the face should not be facing the exhaust port of the gas to prevent frostbite, and anti-freezing gloves should be worn during operation.
4. Confirm the material type, thickness and size of the material when cutting.
5、After adjusting the cutting parameters, simulate the cutting procedure to ensure that there are no errors before executing the cutting procedure.
6、When operating the machine, the radiation-proof door of the machine must be closed
7、The IPG laser must be operated with radiation-proof glasses, otherwise it is prohibited to operate the machine
8、It is forbidden to look directly at the cutting sparks with the naked eye during the cutting process, as this may sting the eyes
9, prohibit non-professional personnel to open the laser shell, in order to prevent electric shock
10、It is strictly forbidden to leave the operating table when the machine is in operation
11, in the process of operation, such as the occurrence of rotating parts need to be dealt with, the program needs to be suspended and the multiplier to “0”, and turn off the light before entering the machine work area to deal with the fault, the operator to deal with the fault process, no one is allowed to enter the operating area to manipulate the machine
Metal laser cutting machine in the production must pay attention to the operating procedures and precautions to avoid causing accidents, only standardized operation, in order to maintain safe production while protecting themselves from damage.
The above summary of metal laser cutting machine safety production methods. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about metal laser cutting machine, please contact Xintian Laser, we are always waiting for you.
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