How to choose a metal laser cutting machine in 2023? Take a look at this before deciding

XT Laser – Metal Laser Cutting Machine

With the increasing attention paid to the efficiency and quality of metal processing, metal laser cutting machines have become essential equipment for every metal processing enterprise, and various types of metal laser cutting machines have also emerged in the market. Those who do not know how to choose metal laser cutting machines are likely to be deceived. Therefore, in order to help everyone choose the most suitable metal laser cutting machine for themselves, Today, XT Laser will teach you how to choose a metal laser cutting machine from this dimension.

Flat laser cutting machine or 3D laser cutting machine: There are generally two types of metal laser cutting machines, flat laser cutting machine and 3D laser cutting machine.

Flat laser cutting machines are generally suitable for enterprises with a large number of flat sheet metal processing needs to purchase, such as the kitchen utensils sheet metal processing, chassis and cabinets, mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing industry. 3D laser cutting machines can cut both flat sheets and irregular materials, mainly because the cutting head of 3D laser cutting machines uses robots, so some curved materials can also be processed. Therefore, this type of equipment is usually used in automobiles Enterprises with more curved materials such as motorcycles and agricultural machinery have different uses for these two types of equipment.

Suggestion: For flat panels, choose a flat laser cutting machine, such as the 3D laser cutting machine of XT Laser.

The interactive laser cutting machine is also a single laser cutting machine, and the above two models are both flat laser cutting machines. The advantage of interactive laser cutting machine is that it is equipped with an interactive platform, which can simultaneously cut and load materials, with high efficiency. It is equipped with a fully enclosed cover structure, which is environmentally friendly. These configurations.

The advantages of a single desktop laser cutting machine include low overall price, low purchase cost, and high cost-effectiveness.

Other factors to consider when purchasing a metal laser cutting machine:

The selection principle of metal laser cutting machine equipment is an important issue in the operation of every enterprise. Reasonably purchasing equipment can enable enterprises to achieve maximum production economic benefits with limited equipment investment. This is the first step in device management. For the convenience of discussion, we will discuss in conjunction with the update issue.

The purpose of selecting equipment is to select the optimal technical equipment for production, that is, to choose the most technologically advanced and economically reasonable equipment. Below are several factors that can be referenced when selecting equipment.

1. Productivity.

Productivity refers to the production efficiency of metal laser cutting machines. When choosing equipment, always strive to choose those that obtain the most output with the least investment.

2. Reliability.

Reliability refers to the degree to which a system or equipment can perform specified functions without faults within a specified time and under specified usage conditions.

3. Maintainability (or repairability, maintainability).

Maintainability affects the workload and cost of equipment maintenance and repair. When selecting equipment, it is important to consider the possibility and duration of the equipment manufacturer providing relevant information, technology, and equipment.

4. Energy saving.

Energy conservation refers to the performance of equipment in energy utilization. The characteristics of good energy-saving equipment are high efficiency, high energy utilization rate, and low energy consumption.

The above are the main factors that should be considered when selecting mechanical equipment. All these factors should be taken into account and the pros and cons should be comprehensively weighed. The above are some key points for purchasing metal laser cutting machines shared by Xintian Laser. I hope everyone can buy a metal laser cutting machine for use.

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