How to choose a carbon steel fiber laser cutting machine

XT Laser – Metal Laser Cutting Machine

In the past, flame cutting was used for carbon steel cutting, which was a high-energy consumption and high pollution processing method. The industrial gas commonly used for flame cutting was mainly acetylene gas, propane, liquefied petroleum gas, etc. Due to its high energy consumption and pollution, acetylene gas has been explicitly prohibited by the state. Nowadays, in the field of metal sheet cutting, a new cutting technology – fiber laser cutting machine is used for carbon steel cutting.

Fiber optic laser cutting machines are mainly used for metal cutting, and laser cutting machines have taken a significant market advantage in the field of metal sheet cutting, making them undoubtedly good cutting tools. Many small and medium-sized metal processing enterprises choose small and medium-sized fiber laser cutting machines when processing thin metal plates within 10mm. XT Laser focuses on medium and low power laser cutting equipment, and the self-developed 500W-3000W medium and low power laser cutting machine can cut 0.5mm-20mm carbon steel. The surface of products processed by metal laser cutting machines is flat and smooth, without burrs, and the cutting speed and quality cannot be compared to other equipment.

Laser cutting machines not only have fast cutting speed, good cutting effect, but also very low cutting cost, which has led to more and more users being willing to use laser cutting machines for processing. In the processing industry, a 3-5mm carbon steel cutting machine can be used, and a 500W-750W carbon steel metal laser cutting machine can be used. In the eyes of enterprises with a large processing range, 750W cannot completely cover their own processing range. Therefore, a higher power carbon steel laser cutting machine can be used.

The power selection of carbon steel laser cutting machine cannot be blindly cut. If the power is lower than this, there may be continuous cutting or burrs on the cutting section, leading to a decrease in product quality and causing trouble for enterprise sales; If the power is too high, although the cutting effect is good, it is a bit wasteful and not recommended for enterprises to choose. Finally, carbon steel fiber laser cutting machines can help enterprises improve production efficiency, improve process level, quickly respond to market changes, and enhance the competitiveness of products in increasingly competitive markets.

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