All metals have properties that enable how they react under particular conditions. To remove rust from metals, users ought to pay heed to the ablation threshold.

Laser parameters are adjusted in such a way that the strength of the laser beam is only above the ablation threshold of rust but less than that of the metal being cleaned. If the laser beam hits on the metallic surface at a magnitude below its ablation threshold. The laser beam’s energy is dispersed as heat until corrosion is eliminated.

As a result, a sterile surface of rust and dirt deposits is vaporized without permanently damaging the base material.

The speed at which extraction of rust happens depends on the thickness of the rust and the laser’s strength.

What is laser rust removal?

Laser rust removal, a form of laser cleaning,is an effective tool for cleaning metal substrates and product pieces. A Laser cleaning system removes rust and oxide deposition. Machine clean quickly and entirely without harming the metal beneath the surface.

Laser rust removal machine is a better solution to physical and chemical cleaning processes, and removes rust with greater precision. And lowers additional capital. Because it’s a smart way to reduce the environmental consequences, too.

Why use laser marking for rust removal?


 No consumable and Green technology

The laser cleaning method has eliminated the supplementary processes that clean rust with essential chemicals and consumables. It is the only option that complies with the regulations of environmental protection. These laser descaling machines consume very low energy.

Laser cleaning produces a minimal amount of dust and debris.Machine can cleane instantly with a dust extraction system that we offer and pre-configured if necessary for you.

Eliminating Manual Labor

Investing a large number manual workforce in cleaning is unsustainable. It’s ineffective and can be done more efficiently with robotics.

Because you may collaborate with us and may use our system integrator for a tailored solution for your factory.

Minimize maintenance work

All who use abrasive blasting(like sandblasting) have to confront maintenance problems: There are many interruptions in the device. Both for the presence of sand, the state of the nozzle, or its removal, blasting machines need constant inspection and servicing.

So Laser rust removal is a non-contact process that consistently cleans rust while significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Creates a safe and secure workplace:

And tust cleaning laser in industrial environments is exceptionally secure when combined with a dust extraction device and a Class-1 protective laser enclosure.

Operators next to the laser marking device do not require personal protective devices for respiratory, hearing, or body protection at the time of operation. In comparison, they no longer treat hazardous goods.



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