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How does laser cutting machine cut copper

How does laser cutting machine cut copper

Metal laser cutting machine can be applied to cutting a variety of materials.

In recent years, the cutting application of copper products has gradually become popular.

Regarding the cutting of copper products, many workers have many problems with the specific operation and parameter adjustment of the metal laser cutting machine.

Cutting not only requires mechanical cutting, but also requires experience.

The following XT Laser will give you a specific introduction to the metal laser cutting machine. How to cut copper materials:

Metal laser cutting machine

High-reflective metal materials have always been difficult materials for metal laser cutting machines to cut, including metal materials such as copper, aluminum, and gold.

These materials are also common materials in our daily processing.

There are many solutions for metal laser cutting machines to cut high-reflective materials.

An important issue for metal laser cutting machine manufacturers.

When cutting highly reflective metal materials need to add auxiliary gas, when the laser cutting machine cuts metal copper, the added auxiliary gas and material react under high temperature conditions to increase the cutting speed, such as the use of oxygen can achieve the auxiliary combustion effect.

Nitrogen is an auxiliary gas for laser cutting equipment to improve the cutting effect. For copper materials below 1 mm, metal laser cutting machines can be used for processing.

Therefore, when using a metal laser cutting machine, there is no need to worry about whether it can be cut.

At this time, attention should be paid to the processing effect, and it is best to use nitrogen as an auxiliary gas.

When the thickness of metallic copper reaches 2mm, nitrogen processing cannot be used.

At this time, oxygen must add to oxidize it to achieve cutting.

Through the above description, you should know how the laser cutting machine should material copper materials.

In fact, when we are cutting, what we pay attention to is not whether we can finish cutting the material and how much we can cut in an hour, but the problem of cutting accuracy.

How to grasp the cutting accuracy of the metal laser cutting machine is the most important.

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