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Hand-held Type Fiber Laser Marking Machine

We also call hand-held fiber laser marking machine as portable fiber laser marking machine.

And we design it to solve the problem of laser marking of existing large parts.

The size of the whole machine and the mainframe of the computer are small and convenient.

Besides, we could operate by hand and can laser mark large mechanical parts in any direction.

Hand-held laser marking machine adopts German IPG fiber laser,photoelectric conversion efficiency is up to 30%.

What’s more,its beam quality is good,high efficiency,long life(average life 100,000 hours),maintenance-free.

Besides, it is small size,no consumables,air cooling,low energy consumption.

And there is almost no running cost.

For example, let us talk about the application areas of fiber laser marking machine.

Fiber laser marking machine has a wide range of applications.

Especially for hardware tools,tool kitchen utensils,plastic products,computer keyboards,metal jewelry buttons,integrated circuits,packaging bottle,glasses frames,sanitary wares and other products.

The mark is clear and beautiful,never fades.

Environmental requirements are simple.

And there is no constant temperature and humidity and water cooling facilities .

The least consumables and the simplest maintenance.

The software is super functional and easy to learn.

Small size,light weight,small footprint,it can be easily installed on the production line for online marking.

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