FAQ for handheld fiber laser welding machine-Anne

FAQ for handheld fiber laser welding machine

Now handheld laser welding machine more popular in the market.However most of customers asked some question about machine.

To help you know more about laser welding machine,so we will share some information with you:

Q1: I want to weld stainless steel and mild steel, how to choose which laser power suitable for me?

A1: Which welding method you want to weld? But welding or vertical welding?
Following are the welding parameters for your reference, please have a look.

Q2: What gas can be used on the 1KW handheld laser welding machine? Is the gas used as a shielding gas for the metal?

A2: Usually Argon gas and Nitrogen gas used as a shielding gas. It is used to protect the welding part from turning black.
Use the shielding gas can make the welding part with nice welding effect, no need to do further polishing process again.

Q3: What material would i use Argon and which material would i use Nitrogen?

A3: Actually both Nitrogen and Argon can used for all materials. Like: Stainless steel, mild steel, carbon steel, iron, aluminium, brass, etc. You can choose to use Nitrogen or Argon as shielding gas according to your market price.

Q4: There is a water cooler in the welder, Can it be filled with tap water ?

A4: The best way is to use purifed water and distilled water for the machine. As we know that if the tap water have some impurity inside, the machine can not get good environment water for cooling.
If long time do it like this way, the machine laser source and welding head life time will be shortly than using purified water or distilled water.
If the water is not purified, the welding head and laser source easy broken. Because impurity have some unknown materials.
The water chiller cooling for 1000W laser source and welding head both of them belongs to optical technology.

Hope it is helpful for you .If you have any questions of machine,welcome to contact XT LASER.

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