Fiber laser VS Mopa laser,which is better?-Ariel

Fiber laser VS Mopa laser,which is better?

Many clients will have this question:Fiber laser VS Mopa laser,which is better? How can i know which one is suitable for me?Today we will discuss about it.And here is our some suggestions.
When we buy a new machine, we want to use it to meet our demands and improve work efficiency.Fiber laser can mark and engrave on all  metal materials and part of the plastic.While MOPA laser is one of fiber laser, in addition to being able to do the basic work of fiber laser, it also can mark colors on stainless steel(yes, only on SS) and black colors on anodised aluminum. And it can only mark on the metal surface when it do these two jobs.That’s why we recommend our clients choose 20w or 30w when they need to mark colors.

2.Laser power
If you want to mark colors on stainless steel, 20w or 30w is ok.The spead of 30w is a litter faster than 20w. It has no 50w. Fiber laser common power is 20w,30w and 50w.20w is mainly used for surface marking, 30w can do a little engraving(≤0.5mm),while 50w is suitable for deep engraving.

MOPA laser is a little expensive than fiber laser.For example,here share you the price difference FIY(FOB Qingdao price).

MOPA laser(JPT M1) Fiber laser(Raycus)
20w 6000USD 3300USD
30w 6900USD 3700USD


So if you need to mark colors on stainless steel, 20w MOPA laser is enough. If you only need to mark and engrave on some metal materials and have no enough budget, 30w fiber laser is cost-effctive.We also enclosed a laser machine applications in attachment for your reference.

Any other questions,pls feel free to contact us.

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